The Windhau – Design Approach

The Pointe Saint-Charles neighborhood represents one of the first original suburbs of Montreal. Located downstream from the Lachine Canal, close to its junction with the Port of Montreal, this area of the city is a true crossroad of transport and industry. It is here that the transformation of Montreal housing began and continued over a century, from 1860 to 1960.

During this period, land occupation along the Lachine Canal would be gradual and the spatiality of the living premises of the city’s workers would undergo a constant evolution. Successively, the areas of Verdun, Lasalle and Lachine, where the Canal ends, show us a rich progression of significant archetypes.

Through the design and construction phases, the Windhau project explored the architectural attributes of this style of housing that preceded the wave of American style construction, and to this day continues to contribute to the quality of life of the city’s inhabitants.

The Windhau document includes texts and images that ensued from a thorough research into the subject, and further gives homage to this Montreal architecture.