Sports Experts® Anjou

Sports Experts® Anjou is the concrete expression of the operational merger of two distinct stores, the first located in an exterior free-standing building and the other inside the mall. Previously, the external store benefitted from significant market strength due in part to its great visibility, but also to the absence of direct or nearby competition. As a matter of fact, the challenge of the new design was to create within the mall a dominating destination, exuding a strong convivial atmosphere that would allow it to thwart the new highly competitive context inside the mall. 

Given the context to reach the set goals all components of the Sports Experts design were scrutinized in order to extract the potential they offered in respect of the precise requirements of the project. A new approach was put forward that favored the fluidity of forms and movement throughout the whole space. To reinforce this first initiative, an in-depth study of the lighting plan ensured an enhanced intensification of the luminosity level.

As a finishing touch, to better embody the totality of the strengths emanating from the design, a palette of finishes and new colors contributed to create an air of freshness.

Among the results of this work is the creation of spatial comfort that overcomes the basic imbalance of the premises, in which the vertical potential was totally dominated by the excessive horizontal dimensions.