Specialized, Boucherville

Specialized was founded in 1974 and today has become a leader in the field of high-end bicycle research and innovation.

The Specialized team takes part in annual cycling competitions such as the prestigious “Tour de France”, placing it amongst the manufacturers of international level racing bikes.

Experiencing increased popularity for its products with athletes and connoisseurs, Specialized decided to launch across Canada a network of sales outlets, offering bicycles, accessories and clothing of professional quality.

in 2007, Indesign/CA was mandated to realize the design of the 6000 sq. ft. prototype store in Boucherville, Quebec, for the retailer “Cycle Néron”. The merchandising furniture gravitates around a concrete circle on the floor, alluding to the synergy of a bicycle wheel and its gears. The concrete reminds us of cycling on roads and marked trails. In 2008, a version of this design, geared exclusively to women clients, has been reproduced in Edmonton, Alberta.