Sail Plein Air

The architectural concept of Sail Plein Air proposes an approach where industrialized product units are called upon to contribute directly and without diversion to the characterization of the premises. In keeping with this philosophy the chosen materials are smooth and rough concrete blocks for the plinth , anthracite parging and glass to mark entrances and focal points on the facades, 12” to 144” cedar-colored light concrete boards for the upper surfaces.

The dark rough blocks, alternating with pale smooth bands, establish a strong graphic statement that guides unerringly to the store entrance and support the anthracite mass that overhangs this doorway. The contrasting bands, paired with the inviting cedar color of the concrete panels, create the edifice’s visual identity, allowing the building to take the strategic position that it must occupy in the project’s marketing plan.

Outdoor enthusiasts are known to get up at first light to greet the day of hunting, fishing or hiking which awaits them. The first rays of sunlight, which bring to life nature, tree bark and rocky surfaces, and unite with the long and piercing shadows that skim the ground, are very familiar to them. The photographs of the building capture its subject at dawn, bringing to life the textures of its envelope and its link with faraway places.