Sail Quebec, Interior Design

Sail represents a new superstore entity dedicated to sport and outdoor enthusiasts. The store’s spatiality was rigorously planned and the main product areas are located to make them visible, recognizable and easily accessible from the single central entry.

According to this methodology, the ground floor caters to the clothing collections, hiking shoes, camping goods and in winter cross-county skis and snowshoes. In the same manner, the mezzanine accommodates the hunting and fishing departments with the degree of privacy required by this specialized and selective clientele. The store’s space is enlivened by carefully designed graphics using large posters, scaled from 1’x4’ to 12’x100’.

The sparing interior design and signage underline the straightforward operational philosophy of Sail. This rationale is expressed in offering its clientele quality products, at the most advantageous prices possible and in a convivial atmosphere where service is personalized.

 The very first Sail project was built in Laval, north of Montreal. The concept is currently being rolled out throughout the province of Quebec and site exploration is also underway in the province of Ontario.