The S-3 project is the result of happenstance that brought with it an opportunity for very unique design. In the framework negotiated with the City of Brossard for the totality of the commercial site, a predetermined standard was established for the volumes of each building.

The pavilion chosen for the S-3 store was predestined to be a cubic volume as so many others, in order to blend into the stylistic unity of innocuous architecture. Given that this project was to serve as the launching pad for the new S-3 commercial banner, such an architectural approach was unacceptable.

In order to circumvent this contrived challenge, Indesign/CA advocated for the unusual carving out the opaque facades. This sculptural approach resulted in a project both distinctive and remarkable from afar, which gave S-3 a force of impact greatly surpassing the modest dimensions of the building compared to the huge neighboring constructions.