Prosports is a retailer specialized in professional sport teams, located within the Birks Building in Montreal. The space has been brought back to the initial configuration and surfaces of 1930, making it possible to increase the space and highlight the sober deco moldings of the period. Inserted in this pure-white volumetry, metallic green panels thrust up from the floor to the ceiling in a six-foot rhythm, a non-typical modulation developed to enhance the merchandise, especially the colorful sweaters that are the main attraction.

For the hat tower, the focal point at the front of the store, an 18” module was proposed, which is also derived from a set of three. Additionally, this element serves as a screen to hide the staircase to the basement, used for storage purposes. The mirrors, which line the back wall of the staircase, double the sculptural volume of the tower, as well as widen the spatial impact at the narrowest point of the store.