Le Port-Royal Condo

This project is the radical transformation of a space previously subdivided into small confined rooms. The renovation begins with the complete gutting and elimination of almost all walls.

Previously invisible, a magnificent view of the mountain is perceptible as soon as one enters the apartment. The effect of spatial opening is increased by the approach, following a long and insignificant corridor, which does not let you foresee in any way the experience that awaits you beyond the threshold. 

The new spatial arrangement is articulated on both sides of a long and sinuous partition wall that separates the private quarters from the more public living spaces. Doors of delicate woodwork and frosted glass can be opened or closed to create the desired level of intimacy. In this way, when the guests have taken their leave, the master bedroom can then join the living room and benefit from the view towards the mountain, a living mural that adorns this dwelling.