December 13, 2017

Primeau Vélo

Primeau Vélo began in a central working class district of Montreal in 1928.

Undaunted by the difficulties of the decade that followed, the inventive vision of the Primeau family led to the creation of an extensive fleet of rental bicycles that allowed their business to flourish.

A second phase of development led to the establishment of stores in the prime growth areas north and south of Montreal.

At this point, the increase in technological development of principal bicycle manufacturers is generating a totally new perception and greater popularization of the sport.

The new retail concept created by Indesign/CA allows Primeau Vélo to position itself within this rapidly evolving market place. The principal concept considerations are the maximization of presentation space within the existing store formats, an optimized perception of space, and street presence through state of the art lighting and transparency of the new facade design.