"Montréal, un aperçu" / 4351 Exhibition

Created in the 351st year of the city’s existence, the 4351 exhibition constitutes the 2nd part of “Montréal, un aperçu”. The fire, which destroyed the building at 451 Saint-Sulpice in the historical district of Old-Montreal, forced the relocation of the offices of Gary Conrath Architect to the northern border of the city. This event triggered a revealing awareness regarding the built territory between the antipodes of the past and the present.

This installation bears witness to the permanency of lines drawn on paper by architects and to their effect on society through time. The main character is a portico composed of moveable panels on wheels. Normally immobile, this witness of life’s passage comes to life and embarks on a visit of Montreal.

Its escapade through time starts at the heart of the old fortified city and continues along the axis of Saint-Lawrence Street, going north until the suburb of Laval. In this way it makes us discover the DNA of our city. The three main eras of the city’s history are illustrated through a text, a graphic and five photographs bearing witness to the passage of life.

“Montréal, un aperçu” and 4531 were presented together at the Maison de la culture Mercier.