Mediasystems is a modest sized enterprise that has built a high performing niche for itself in the production of exhibition stands.

Rapidly propelled towards success, the company was faced with rethinking and expanding its workspaces. The project of a new building represented a unique opportunity for Mediasystems and Indesign/CA to innovate in developing a workplace spatiality based on accrued interactivity between the design, management and production teams.

To meet these needs, the architectural concept was configured for three levels. The first level on the ground floor was geared to the production, assembly and shipping of the stands. Much as a vast rolling bridge, the mezzanine level in the very centre of the building allowed for an overall view of production activities as they were unfolding at ground level. At this level were located administrative functions, design offices, showrooms and the cafeteria, a meeting place for all.

As well, the mezzanine level gave access to the third level where the employees’ terrace roof looked upon the surrounding landscape and mountains.