Logigraf Head Office

Logigraf is a business specialized in the design and production of merchandising accessories. Its clients are for the most part department store chains, both in Canada and the USA.

The challenge presented by Logigraf was to transform an old steel production plant by defining several work zones for administration, design, graphic production, metal/plastic production, storage and shipping.

The project’s originality is most evident in the design and administration areas. A 25-feet structural clearance allowed the creation of sculpture-like volumes made of 12-, 15-, or 18-feet high gypsum walls. Placed at angles one to another, these modules create an animated interior path that thwarts the banality of a traditional and typical spatial organization.

Primary or corporate colors identify the particular vocation of each area. These colors orient users through the corridors giving access to the different work zones, all the way through to production and shipping.