Inatendu - Unforeseen - Édition et Exposition

The INATTENDU - Unforeseen Exhibition was held at the Musée Populaire de la Photographie in 2008 and, in 2010, at the Maison d’architecture du Québec under the title Dorval Radical. The goal was to allow the public to experience anew the unique architecture of the CIBA Complex built in 1961. This project is a true portrayal of the first modern architectural movement aiming to redefine the quality of the workplace in the periphery of large urban concentrations. This movement occurred as the dominant social and industrial infrastructure shifted from rail to road transportation.

Demonstrating the aspirations of this movement, CIBA furthermore defines a privileged relationship between architecture and nature for the benefit of human beings.

A leading-edge project, the CIBA Complex established a new benchmark in Montreal and Canada, and today still remains pertinent to the crucial decisions that must be taken regarding the sustainable development of our boroughs and cities.