Forzani Head Office

The reception area of the Forzani Group’s offices had to reflect the corporate dynamism and the stature of the main retailer for sporting goods in Canada, while fitting in a restrained space.

Centrally located, the reception is in fact inescapable for the employees who must cross its doors in all directions to access adjoining spaces and offices. In this context, it was difficult to create a welcoming ambiance for the visitors. To meet this challenge, the choice of contrasting colors first helped to minimize the importance of the doors and to reestablish the focus on the reception desk. Made of glass and metal, it is highlighted by well-placed accent lighting, creating a counterbalance to the dense circulation and constituting in fact a fixed point amid perpetual motion.

An opening made in the ceiling offers a point of interest that draws the eye away from the continual comings and goings, linking the reception area to the corporate logo. This design pays tribute to this enterprise and its administrators who with determination and energy have built a corporation on a national scale.