The solution imagined by Indesign/CA for the Discoverings project consisted of creating five distinct and well-identified zones specifically calculated to promote the qualities of the different product types while still being well linked to the whole.

The presentation of 4,000 large-sized samples in an area of 10,000 sq. ft. occurs along discovery pathways, which allow clients to get familiar with the products, compare them, touch them and walk on them. Since the purchase of flooring is not an every day event, the design aims to create an effective and user-friendly information centre to facilitate product evaluation and client decision.

In particular, at the center and uniting the five areas dedicated to product families is the Discovery Walk, making it possible to find out about market developments and new floor coverings. This section is the most vivid materialization of the global marketing concept. Focal point and pivot of the layout, this space was designed to host new product launches and other commercial events, in a permanent way.