Corbeil Électroménagers

Founded in 1949 as a family business, Corbeil Électroménagers grew into a network of stores covering Quebec and Ontario after its management opted for a program of rapid expansion starting in the 1990s. With the first strategic phase realized, it was time at the dawn of the 2000s to proceed with an analysis of this progression and compare the given results with the improvements required to better manage the existing network of stores and to meet more adequately the needs of its clientele.

Through this process Indesign/CA’s role was to synthesize the marketing reports commissioned by the corporation and to obtain recommendations from the managers of the most performing stores, in order to create a new store design based on a modular furniture system. The materials, by definition both sober and warm, were designed to complement the lifestyle invitation suggested by the large format images included in this concept. 

The 8,000 sq. ft. prototype store was built in Mascouche, a booming suburb North of Montreal. The design’s modular approach makes it possible to harmonize and promote the diverse product categories, which progress from reasonable prices to more high-end products.

This modular concept is further validated by the necessity to integrate an unavoidable evolution of products, market conditions and changing client preferences.