Converse Canada

Strategically located near Montreal’s international airport, the head office of Converse Canada benefits from a location easily accessible by its main Canadian clients as well as its partners coming in from the European head office, established in Amsterdam.

On the top level, the design of the administrative offices generates an airy, open and relaxed environment. The concept also favors important visual communications, encouraging the participation of each individual in the company’s success. The informal central zone, a polished cement floor in the shape of the original Converse shoe, the Chuck Taylor All-Star, also alludes to new products still in the design process.

The lower level, reserved for the display of products, uses strongly articulated geometry to establish the usage and identity of the rooms therein.

During the intense spring, summer, fall and winter presentations, wheeled units designed specifically for Converse offer a selection of products chosen and prepared in advance to meet the expectations of the principal commercial buyers whose needs vary considerably.  

The walnut sliding doors as well as the charcoal-hued cement floors evoke the basketball courts, which saw the emergence of the spirit and the success of Converse in America, in 1917. Contrasting with the perennial nature of the design, the products are renewed through the seasons and in this way remain the focal point of the hour. Depicting rock stars, full-size black and white portraits, from the Converse archives, personify the historical steps in the company’s life.

The project received the FERDIE Intérieurs award in 2007.