Villager Concept

Emblematic retailer of shoes in Montreal, the Villager store emerged during the 60s frenzy, an era associated with rebellious youths and their anti-establishment ideology. Villager’s renown was tied to its eclectic products, breaking with the conservatism of its competitors.

As the ideology of the young transposed itself to adapt to the disco-glam era, the heterogeneous atmosphere of the original concept was out of date and required a complete overhaul.

The creative challenge consisted in transforming the main establishment at the intersection of Peel and de Maisonneuve streets to turn it into the most exuberant of the Villager stores.

This store represented an exceptional opportunity to launch the commercial reincarnation of Villager. In fact, the location constituted a landmark for this young clientele as it sought downtown’s effervescent activity of the nightclubs nearby.

Situated in an historical building, the store’s interior space was brought back to its original state, a concrete structure of the 1920s. With this as a starting point, the gamble was to create an imposing and spectacular environment. The rhythm of the internal columns and of the façade determines the solid elements to which the design grafts itself, alternating between transparent and translucent elements. This approach makes it possible to project the explosive Villager concept towards the shop windows and the street.

Tall V torches, symbolizing victory, illuminate and clamor the presence of Villager in the neighborhood, transforming this store into a shining embodiment of Montreal’s nocturnal vitality.