Laurentian Bank

The Laurentian Bank Project consisted of developing a new prototype for branch offices. The design is above all modular to meet the very diverse needs dictated by the strategic importance of the site and the potential offer of minimum or maximum services.

In this context, the branch office identity must necessarily affirm itself with the starting module as established by the automated tellers. This compact module allows for a rapid and effective deployment of the bank on the whole of the territory targeted for expansion. The additional modules such as service counters and advisors’ offices then graft themselves on the teller-module to add to the bank’s presence and increase the services offered according to a precise and specifically designed market study. When the number of modules and the geographic location demand it, the whole components and services are integrated into a stand-alone building.

This building, whose architecture is a continuity of the interior design, displays and clamors in cohesive and complete fashion the marketing identity of the bank.